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New Dates for Ronald McDonald House

Home for Dinner Project

- usually the first Monday of the month

Monday Dec 5 2017

Tuesday Jan 3 2017

Monday Feb 6 2017

Tuesday March 7 2017

Monday April 3 2017

Tuesday May 2 2017

Monday June 5 2017

Monday Oct 2 2017

Monday Nov 6 2017

Monday Dec 4 2017

With the third year getting a donation of $5000.00 from the Berkhold Family Foundation our bank account is good till the fall of 2017 - We are always looking for places we can help out, if you have any ideas or you would like to make a donation please contact Lorraine

About Us

We are a non-profit group of Calgary people who are Certified in Holistic Nutrition going out into our community making a difference by providing nutritious meals at Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta.  We would also like the opportunity to do public lectures on nutrition, educational market tours, even cooking lessons.


At present we are working with Ronald McDonald House Southern Alberta, Home for Dinner Program.  This program requires us to supply and prepare nutritious dinners once a month for the approximately 50 residents who use the facility. 

All of the ingredients we bring in to make these dinners are clean/organic, locally grown where possible, whole, made from scratch and non-processed foods. We choose these ingredients to promote a healthier body and lessen the toxic load on these already immune deficient children and parents as they go through a stressful period in their family's life.

Let us know if you have a project  we could be of service to.

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Lorraine Clifford, CHN, RDA II - President
Karen Fee, CHN - Treasurer
Jodi Brewster, CHN
Anjali Hudson, CHN
Cory Gibson, CHN
Laurie Hibbard, CHN
Angela Sayers, CHN
Amy Kendall - CHN
Rebecca Jordan - CHN
Diana Pearson - CHN
Tina Evers - CHN
Lynne Ryan -CHN
Julia Franklen - CHN
Megan Coderre - CHN
Crystal Kelly - CHN
Kelly Zakus - CHN
Rochelle Ftichar - CHN
Jennifer Garraway CHN
Melanie Mathews - CHN
Regan Gray - CHN
Karen Sribney - CHN
Callie Reidulff - CHN
Kim Dempsey
Caitlin Batting
Christal Barbary - CHN
Louis Innes
Karmen Wilson
Angela Widenmaier
Heather Kyle - Great Cook with big heart
Ron Clifford - has knife will chop
Tom Balog - CHN
John Morris - CHN

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