Home for Dinner Project April 2, 2012

With Easter only a few days away we decided we'd do up 2 of the free range Turkeys we got from Gor-Mart before they closed down. 

Karen and I got there early at 11 so we could get the stuffing done and the birds in the ovens.  Laurie and Amy showed up a bit later to help us get the show on the road.

April2nd Menu

Roasted free range Turkey

Karen’s Stuffing

Cranberry Sauce

  Steamed Potatoes

    Carrots Beats and

Brussels Sprouts

Spinach Salad & Poppy Seed Dressing


Pumpkin Cheese Cake

All of our ingredients are clean/organic to lessen the toxic load on the body and

allow it to do what it needs to do …HEAL !!!