Dec 5, 2015

Dec 5th was our first time ever making dinner on a Saturday.  We arrived by 11 and the kitchen was full of people preparing brunch on one side and baking muffins on the other side.  We had to cool our heals for a bit .

The volunteer at the front desk had never seen a dinner group come in so early, but when your preparing everything from scratch its takes many hands, time and much love. Miracles always happen in this House and today was no different.  We got started at 12:45 making the meatballs for the Italian Wedding soup, but first we had to grind the organic chicken breast (could not find organic ground chicken so had to make it ourselves) , got the soup simmering and the spelt and Teff dough rising.  We made good use of the food processor and had this beautiful Dinner ready to serve by 5:30.