Home for Dinner Project Feb 6, 2012

Wow, the numbers are going up! We had 7 volunteers for this one (I was taking the photos, thus not in them).

For this menu we decided we would make:

Pulled Pork, Baked Beans, Corn Muffins, Broccoli Salad, Green Salad, and Best Ever Chocolate Quinoa Cake topped with whipped cream, berries and shredded chocolate.

Stacey got back to us with amazing news!  Horizon would cook, shred & package the 40lb of pork with sauce for us to pick up & supply 2 lbs of bacon (naturally smoked, no nitrites) for pick up on Friday Feb 2Stacey & CSNN picked up the tab for the entire Horizon bill! .........YES!!! ........Thank you Stacey and CSNN Calgary!

Immediately after our meeting at Waves Cafe on Sunday Feb 6 Karen and Lorraine took the pinto beans to Ronald McDonald House for them to soak over night. (A big thank you to Waves Cafe on 602 - 17th Ave Calgary for allowing us to use your boardroom for meetings at no charge.)

Everything for these meals must be made on-site unless it comes from an industrial kitchen....... Thank you Horizon for doing some of our grunt work; it made the rest of the prep work go smoothly. Your pulled pork was placed into 4 slow cookers to warm; it filled the kitchen with its amazing aroma while we prepared the rest of the meal.  The menu was placed on the counter for the residents to see.  Recipes of today's menu were ready to handout with a write up on the back highlighting one of its ingredients giving reasons why you would incorporate it into your diet.

When we were almost finished the prep work we had a visit from a friendly lion.  He kept poking his head around the corner being shy and cautious as he wanted to see what we were doing.  After a while we got him talking to us and the lion head went down.......with more conversation he took the lion costume off.  Maybe he was getting hot, or maybe he felt he just didn't need to hide any more.....either way, we enjoyed his presence.