March 4 2013 Home for Dinner Project

Barbeque Pulled Pork

Savory Polenta

Broccoli Citrus Salad

Salad Greens with

Cranberry Pear white

Balsamic vinegar and

Blood Orange infused Olive oil

Raw Chocolate Pudding

                 With berries and whip cream
       Lorraine showed up early to get season rub made up for the pork shoulders roasts and get them into the ovens  by noon. Pork roast were supplied at a greatly reduced price of $75.00 for 6 - 8 lb roasts from Spragg's Meats in the Kingsland Market.  
       Using a hammer and a nail, Collette had lots of fun getting a hole in the young  coconuts to pour out the coconut water and then cracking them to scoop out the inside flesh for making raw chocolate pudding.  Lots of hammering and cracking,  we had coconut bits and pieces every.  Messy but well worth the effort.
        Not many photos were taken because we only had 4 volunteers and were busy the whole time.  Dinner was served on time and judging by the comments after dinner it a "smashing" hit.