March 5th 2012 Home for Dinner Project

 What a snowy day we had March 5th when preparing the Home for Dinner Project at Ronald McDonald House.  I could not get there till about 3:30, so Karen and Tina took the lead and got the ball rolling.......thanks ladies, I appreciated that so much.....

With the kitchen a buzz and the smell or freshly baked gingerbread, it was hard  not to have a huge smile on my face when I came in.  The cakes were just out or the ovens and cooling, the ginger glaze had been made and the carrots were getting chopped.  The Wild and brown rice was cooling and someone was making the dressing while another cut up the parsley, peppers, and green onions .  Karen was busy mixing the herbs for the roasted Chicken and showed me how to push the herbs under the skin of the chickens breast, then she  carefully trussed them with butchers string making ready to go into the ovens. 

Next it was time for Tina to get the blueberries ready for the gingerbread and get someone to whip up the whipping cream