Nov 5th Home for Dinner Project


Slow cooked Pot Roast

With Homemade Gravy

Roasted root vegetables

Broccoli Salad & goji berries

Green Salad with

Maple Apple Cider Vinaigrette

 Best Ever Quinoa Chocolate Cake

With whipped cream

And mixed berries

Our menu today is totally

gluten free!

All of our ingredients are clean/organic to lessen the toxic load on the body and allow it to do what it needs to do ……HEAL !!!

 We had lots of help today, but we also had a mountain of veggies to clean and chop up- John had a big job ahead of him as you can see from the picture with him and all the vegetables.   Everything went smoothly and timely, we must be getting good at this or maybe the extra hands made a huge difference today.   Thank you to everyone who came out and help.   Once we had things well on the way, we pulled out the turkey bones we put in the freezer to make bone broth.   Our plan was to get the broth done for the next meal to make some home made soup.  With roasts in the slow cookers, veggies in the ovens, cake baking, salads ready to be tossed and broth simmering away, we had time to spare so I asked if the Staff could take our new  volunteers on a tour of the House, it's quite the facility.   After the tour it was time to get everything out and ready to serve.    After dinner we cleaned up and turned the two simmering pots of broth off, strained the bones and veggies out.  It was too hot to put into the freezer so we asked if we could put the pots of strained broth into the fridge in the back room to cool over night and I volunteered to come back the next day to put it away in containers in the freezer.  When I came back the next day our pots of broth were no where to be found.  Ronald McDonald House has lots of volunteers, and I guess someone asked to have that fridge cleaned out...... our broth must have gotten we won't be making bone broth soup ......we'll have to go to plan B