Oct 1st 2012 Home for Dinner Project




2 Thanks Giving Turkeys

Karen’s Fabulous stuffing


Cranberry sauce

Corn on the cob

Mashed Potatoes


Maroulosalata-Greek Dill Salad

Red CabbageSalad

Tastiest Slaw Ever

Steamed carrots

Cinnamon Ginger Apple Crisp



All of our ingredients are clean/organic to lessen the toxic load

on the body and allow it to do what it needs to do ……HEAL !!!

With just a week before the dinner an email went out to all of the students and alumni of CSNN for volunteers.........Yes....we were able to recruit more hands.      The free run turkeys we got  from Gor-Mart Meats before they closed last spring and were placed in the freezer.  These  28 and 25 lb turkeys were taken out of the deep freeze days earlier to allow them thawing time.   Karen and Lorraine met at The Calgary Farmers Market to get some of the produce needed for out Thanks Giving dinner from Souto Farms.  They were more than happy to supply us with 20 lbs of apples, some green onions, yellow onions, peppers, garlic, celery, cabbages both green and red.  Then we headed over to Superstore and purchase a few more things, organic butter, organic oats and a few other items.  On my way home I stopped in at the Kingsland Market and talked with Mr Lund from Lunds farm ( all organic produce) who donated the 15 lbs of carrots, 20 lbs of potatoes and fresh dill. And then I also stopped at Planet Organic for the whipping cream.   Karen got fresh herbs from her backyard herb garden and found a place to pick up the whole grain bread for the stuffing and her hubby John visited Cosco for the organic field green.  The organic Corn was donated by Kohut Farms.

Oct 1st, Karen, John (Karen's hubby) and Lorraine arrived about 10:30 am to get the turkeys going.  Tina and Amy showed up a few hours later and then Darain.  In total we had 6 sets of hands working hard to get this dinner prepared and on the table for 5:30.  Tina had a mishap with her mandoline slicer and had to make a bee line to hospital for a stitch.......she did come back with her thumb all bandaged up and ready to help us finish.  Thanks for the great group effort - we did it